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Previous Question Papers

B.TECH I Year I Semester
S. No. Subject Code Subject Name Exam Code
1 17CA52101 Functional English DEC17
2 17CA55101 Engineering Physics DEC17, FEB18
3 17CA51101 Engineering Chemistry DEC17, FEB18
4 17CA05101 Computer Programming DEC17, FEB18
5 17CA54101 Mathematics - I DEC17, FEB18
6 17CA3101 Engineering Drawing -CSE DEC17, FEB18
7 17CA51102 Environmental Studies DEC17
8 17CA3101 Engineering Drawing- EEE DEC17, FEB18
B.TECH I Year II Semester
S. No. Subject Code Subject Name Exam Code
1 17CA52201 English for Professional Communication MAY18, JULY18
2 17CA54201 Mathematics - II MAY18, JULY18
3 17CA51101 Engineering Chemistry MAY18, JULY18
4 17CA55101 Engineering Physics MAY18, JULY18
5 17CA51102 Environmental Studies MAY18, JULY18
6 17CA03101 Engineering Drawing - MECH MAY18, JULY18
7 17CA02201 Electrical Circuits-I MAY18, JULY18
8 17CA05201 Data Structures MAY18, JULY18
9 17CA03202 Material Science and Engineering MAY18, JULY18
10 17CA02203 Network Analysis MAY18, JULY18
11 17CA03201 Engineering Drawing - ECE MAY18, JULY18